Design the complete Solar Power System & know its Financial Feasibility

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Design the complete Solar Power System & know its Financial Feasibility

Yash Kumar
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"This interactive online course will teach you everything from the basics of solar energy to the sizing, designing, and finding the complete financial feasibility of the solar power system."

Hello Friends,

I am Yash (an electronics & communication engineer and an MBA in Finance).

I was fasinated about the idea of running home appliances by solar energy.

This made me to start my carrer in Solar Energy and I created a website www.solarwithyash.com that is dedicated to people interested in Solar Energy.

I love to teach people going solar profitably.


the journey so far is full of ups and downs but very exciting and enriching.

Fossil fuels are non-renewable sources of energy.


"Did you know that most of our energy needs are fulfilled by fossil fuels?"

Our energy demands are increasing and these non-renewable sources of energy (coal and natural gas) are depleting.

The grid prices are rising and this trend is most likely to continue in the future.

Assuming you pay 12 cents per unit to the grid and the average annual escalation in the price is 5%.

This means you would pay $ 39 cents in the 25th year for the same unit consumed today.

Over 3 times the present rate!

Therefore, it makes sense to switch to a reliable, affordable, and clean energy source.


Solar Power System is the solution.


  • The lack of knowledge is deterring people from adopting solar energy
  • The poor system designing not let them enjoy solar electricity to the fullest
  • Many times, people are paying more for solar power installation
  • Once installed, people are not aware of their annual savings and the return offered by the system

My Online Solar Course will solve the above prblems and help you in going solar profitably.

Benefits of the course:

  • You can size and design the complete system, matching your energy needs. The right system design will make the system produce maximum power and you can enjoy smooth electricity for decades.
  • When you know the component size and specifications, you can buy them yourself without the need of any second or third person. Thereby saving you money.
  • You can find the annual savings and the return offered by the solar power system (Units produced, Payback, Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value) based on your energy needs beforehand.
  • When you know everything about your energy needs, system sizing, and financial feasibility. You can always negotiate with the installer to compensate for this with some cost discounts.

All these benefits together can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars when you plan for solar power installation.

About the course

This course is crisp and precise.

Part 1: Solar Energy

  • Sunlight is the primary source of energy
  • Factors for variation in sunlight
  • How to harness solar energy

Part 2: Home Solar and its components

  • The different types of solar power systems
  • The function of the solar panel
  • Working of battery
  • Importance of solar charge controller
  • Function of Inverter

Part 3: Important Technical Specifications for choosing the right solar panel

  • Efficiency
  • Power output in real world
  • Performance in high temperature
  • Strength of the solar panel
  • Warranties

​Part 4: DIY - Solar

  • Know your energy needs?
  • How to size your panels?
  • How to size the battery?
  • How to size the solar charge controller?
  • How to size the Inverter?
  • How to size the wires?

Part 5: Solar Feasibility

  • Concept of home solar feasibility and factors affecting the feasibility
  • Factor 1: Effect of sunlight
  • Factor 2: Cost of the system
  • Factor 3: Units generated by the system
  • Factor 4: Panel degradation rate
  • Factor 5: Grid escalation rate
  • Factor 6: Cost of capital
  • Factor 7: Maintenance cost of the system
  • Summary of all the factors
  • Calculating the complete feasibility of the home solar system 

In addition, I offer you my Solar Feasibility Spreadsheet (An amazing tool that sizes, designs, and finds the solar payback in minutes when you inoput your energy needs).


E-book (How to design the complete solar power ssystem?).

I feel it is a great deal for someone interested in exploring the world of solar energy.

You can contact me for any query related to the course at ykumar1405@gmail.com

Hope this course adds value and helps in going solar profitably.






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(1) A complete Solar Course loaded with downloadable Excel sheets having built-in formulas (2) The Solar Feasibility Spread-sheet enabling you to know the complete techno-economic feasibility of the solar power system (3) An e-book: How to design residential solar power system by yourself?

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